VRTGO Labs: Has a fresh new look!

VRTGO Labs: Europe's first industry-led, immersive tech network has a fresh look!

The North East is home to one of the largest clusters of immersive technology companies in Europe; this stemmed from a very strong games and tech development community which has been prominent in the region since the mid 1980's. From this legacy and their willingness to share ideas and collaborate, VRTGO Labs has grown with the support of Gateshead Council.

VRTGO Labs, established in 2014, is a collaborative industry network which aims to support the growth and development of the North East's immersive tech cluster through innovation. Now entering its fifth year of operation, the network has a brand-new website and big plans for the future. 

 "A great website is key for any organisation" says Katy Reilly, Project Manager at VRTGO Labs. "It's even more important for a network like VRTGO Labs, as the website acts as a gateway for businesses who are looking to embrace immersive technologies, to then tap into a host of local companies who are experts in their respective fields". The new website includes a member directory, case studies and a community calendar where various immersive and emerging tech events will be listed.

Peter Stephenson, Co-Founder at SUB 10, who recently joined the VRTGO Labs network said "a priority of any new business like SUB 10, is to create new contacts and get access to potential customers.  Digital networks like VRTGO labs, who are especially targeted at immersive tech companies, provide a quick route to achieving this.  Their network of contacts and willingness to help new companies like ours make it a very easy decision to join.  We hope that we can connect quickly to any business requiring engaging immersive learning experiences with VRTGO Labs assistance".

VRTGO Labs currently has 28 members working across games, automobile, aeronautic, offshore, retail, manufacturing, marketing, healthcare and training. Associate members have worked with leading brands such as Boursin, Audi, PlayStation, Marvel, Oculus, HSBC, Rolls Royce, BBC, Barbour, Warner Bros to name a few.

The VRTGO Labs network includes companies such as AtomhawkWolf and WoodHammerheadCoatsinkAnimmersionLuminous Group and many more!