Immersive LabPROTO: The Emerging Technology Centre is a state-of-the-art research and development facility equipped with sound recording studio and specialist 3D character and motion capture equipment for hire. It's also a place where tech driven SMEs can rent office space or co work from.

PROTO which is owned and managed by Gateshead Council is part of the Digital Catapult NETV network, and is also home to the North East Tees Valley Immersive Lab (one of only four in the UK).

Who is it for?

Why PROTOPROTO is open to businesses of any size and from any sector but will be especially useful for high growth SMEs, giving them the opportunity to explore VR, AR and other emerging technologies. They can test the potential application of these technologies to increase productivity, improve the customer journey or to diversify.

Access to leading edge hardware and software is usually very expensive, but PROTO offers an inexpensive alternative. By removing one of the biggest barriers to entry (i.e. cost) Gateshead Council is giving start-ups, access to the tech they need to digitalise their own business or develop innovative new products.

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