Established by Digital Catapult Centre NETV, the Immersive Lab (one of only four in the UK) offers companies access to bleeding-edge hardware and innovative software across AR, VR and mixed-reality. With technical staff on hand to support, businesses can explore technology, take part in an Introduction to Immersive workshop or hire the Lab to develop or demo their own content.

Housed in PROTO's R&D space, and part of the Digital catapult network, the Immersive Lab was established to support businesses to explore the real-life application of immersive technology. The Lab offers access to Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, Augmented Reality (AR) devices like the Hololens, photogrammetry equipment and a mixed-reality green screen.Digital Catapult

The Immersive Lab provides opportunities for businesses to explore how they can use and apply immersive technology. Companies developing content in-house for immersive hardware can also use the space to develop or demo their latest content to clients. Without the costly initial investment needed to purchase specialised kit directly, the Lab makes it possible for more businesses to test out and benefit from immersive technologies.