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The Advanced Media Production Network is developed by Digital Catapult and Target3D and funded by Innovate UK.

The Advanced Media Production (AMP) network represents the UK’s first networked advanced media production studios, and the UK’s first interconnected 5G enabled facility designed to explore research and innovation capabilities in media production.

Dock Street, London

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PROTO, Gateshead

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The network, formed by studios at PROTO in Gateshead and Dock Street in London interconnected to additional capabilities at Digital Catapult HQ, is at the forefront of UK innovation and will lead the way in how convergent technologies and virtual environments will transform media production, creating new workflows and production tooling.

The Advanced Media Production network exists to harness the power of technology and creativity to entertain, inform, and inspire audiences while pushing the boundaries of what is possible in storytelling and visual communication.

Its mission is to advance the creative potential of industries and individuals.

In particular, it will:
  • Help make the UK the best place in the world to produce new content and champion the UK’s creative ecosystem
  • Bolster regional growth and capabilities, creating centres of excellence for research and skills development
  • Develop and converge new technologies and workflows in the marketplace.


The Advanced Media Production network offers a wide range of benefits for creators:

  • Enabling creativity: advanced media production tools provide creators with increased flexibility and control over their artistic vision. It allows them to experiment with new techniques, styles, and formats, pushing the boundaries of creativity.
  • Improved quality: advanced media production technologies enable the creation of high-quality media content. From higher resolution video and audio to sophisticated visual effects and post-production, advanced tools help deliver polished and professional-grade media.
  • Real-time collaboration: advanced production tools facilitate working together in real-time, enabling teams to work seamlessly across multiple locations through the high-speed network connection. This collaborative approach enhances creativity and efficiency in media production.
  • Efficiency and sustainability: advanced media production tools streamline the production process, allowing for greater efficiency, flexibility and faster turnaround times, enhancing productivity and reducing production costs.
  • R&D and skills development: Advanced media production capabilities foster skills development and create employment opportunities through advanced training and development. By leveraging cutting-edge media technologies and techniques, creators can boost creative possibilities, advancing content and showcasing new talent.

Who is it for

The Advanced Media Production studios and capabilities are open to businesses and organisations of all sizes including universities and skills providers, digital agencies, filmmakers, games developers and production studios.

The facilities are also open to individuals who wish to explore, research and share projects, by accessing the unique combination of technologies and leading-edge expertise in virtual production, 3D technology, motion capture, photogrammetry, compute, 5G private networks, and XR equipment.

Technical Specification

The Advanced Media Production network offers a wide range of benefits for creators:

A Creative Space
Our Studio is an exceptional option for production houses, companies, and performers seeking a studio in the North East of England. Its unique location provides significant advantages, including reduced travel time, cost savings, and a smaller environmental impact. This facility comes equipped with all the necessary infrastructure for a top-tier production, boasting top-of-the-line sound, camera, and post-production equipment that meet industry standards.

LED Walls
Our curved LED wall measures 8 x 3.5m and consists of Leyard VVRi 2.5 LED panels with a combined resolution of  3200 x 1400 pixels at 100Hz 10bit HDR. The pixel pitch of 2.5mm allows for stunning photo-real environments to remain sharp and clear even close up.We have an additional movable wall that allows you to cast realistic reflections and lighting upon objects and people in your scene.We are able to sync the wall's frame rate with that of your camera, ensuring that the images displayed on the wall are synchronised to avoid flickering and banding issues.

Technical Support
We are renowned for providing a friendly, collaborative environment. Productions benefit from the presence of our studio team whose knowledge and experience will enable you to get more value from your time on set, helping to set up and test custom workflows, calibrate the motion capture systems, and provide technical support and operations throughout the shoot.We also offer post-production data cleaning services should you require them.

Full Performance Capture
The volume capture area is encompassed by an array of 20 Optitrack Prime17W and PrimeX41 cameras, which, in combination with our in-house systems hand and facial tracking solutions, offer the unprecedented capability of capturing the full range of motions 4+ actors simultaneously and displayed in real time within a virtual environment of your choice.

Top of the line Industry Equipment
We have selected an array of high-end cinema cameras including URSA black magic cameras, that will capture the scene in stunning clarity while recording its position within 3D space. The interactive wall can mimic depth of field, bokeh, and parallax movements in relation to the operation of the camera.​Our custom-made VCS rig can be used to capture the exact angle required to get the perfect shot, opening up camera movements utilised in traditional filmmaking.

Click here to download the full technical specification.

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MA Digital and Immersive Arts – Northumbria University

We are proud to be a part of Northumbria University’s MA in Digital and Immersive Arts which will provide graduates with the skills required to work in the creative industries using virtual and immersive technology, allow students to use the Advanced Media Production facilities at PROTO to build their portfolio and provide access to a large network of contacts.

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