The Advanced Media Production (AMP) network represents the UK’s first networked advanced media production studios, and the UK’s first interconnected 5G enabled facility designed to explore research and innovation capabilities in media production.

Who is Megaverse?

Megaverse is an interactive studio that specialises in the convergence of media forms like theatre, film and gaming. Combining them to create new types of experiences. They work with a lot of immersive technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality virtual production techniques. The key differentiator with Megaverse is the focus on liveness in their productions.

What did they do?

Megaverse used PROTO to create Gamechangers, a live interactive online game based on climate communication and encouraging climate activism. It's a R&D project funded by UKRI, who are interested in understanding how gaming technology can engage with people on a different level around conveying and disseminating climate change information.

"We need a big size volume to facilitate the virtual sets we're creating and PROTO has a really good sized volume. Having the right gear such as the OptiTrack motion capture system already integrated is a bonus. Finally, another benefit of PROTO is being able to get in and out quickly through the large movable wall. PROTO was also flexible with budget to allow us to run this new, non commercial project."

Ben Carlin, Director at Megaverse
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